Volunteer with Opportunities Peoples Justice Leaders (OPJL)

Our Mission is to reduce the individual and societal harms caused by mass incarceration through advocacy, education, policy change, and community partnerships.

Our Vision to build a sustainable advocacy center that will end the injustices faced by our incarcerated population and will ensure a more humane and fair system of justice.

We advocate for the humane and compassionate treatment of all incarcerated individuals. We establish opportunities to increase a more successful reintegration of returning citizens into the community, with an emphasis on more autonomy and less recidivism. We collaborate with other organizations dedicated to criminal justice system reform. We build relationships with community leaders and businesses. We work to inform and educate the public.

Does this sound like you? Join us! We are collaborating with various like-minded organizations, including the Cincinnati NAACP. Don't worry about how much time you think you can commit; we'll work with your capacity and find you a role with us!